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RFID Keycard MIFARE Plus EV1 2K White VO

RFID Guest card w/custom print (Mifare Ultralight)

MIFARE Plus is the successor of MIFARE Classic and provides better security and functionality

  • Staff or Guest: Guest
  • Software: Visionline 1.22.1+, Vostio
  • Technology: MIFARE Plus
  • Memory: 2K
  • Frequency: 13.56 Mz
  • Write Endurance: 200,000 cycles
  • Data Transfer Speed: Up to 848 kbit/s
  • Pack Size: 200

Can Be Replaced With:
Cards: P000735569-001-001, P001029236-001-001, P001030199-001-001
Fobs: P001009107-001-402, P001009107-001-403, P001009107-001-407, P001028682-001-402, P001028682-002-403, P001028682-003-407, P001028682-004-401, P001028682-001-402, P001028682-002-403, P001028682-003-407, P001028682-004-401
Wristbands: P001053013-001-401, P001053013-001-402, P001053013-001-403, P001053013-001-404, P001053013-001-405, P001053013-001-406, P001053013-001-407, P001053013-001-408

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RFID guest keycard with customized logo printed (Mifare Ultralight). Logo artwork to be provided by customer for approval before printing.

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