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RFID Keycard MIFARE UL EV1 128b standard print

Keycard memory 128bb standard print

A high-quality RFID keycard designed specifically for guest use only, to access their individual rooms or suites. They can't be used for areas restricted for staff or special facilities.

  • Type: RFID basic guest keycard
  • System Compatibility: Visionline 1.22.1+, Vostio
  • Chip technologyNXP MIFARE Ultralight® 
  • Memory: 128B​​
  • Design: Standard AAH print
  • Material: PVC
  • Pack size: 200 keycards
  • Intended use: Suitable for limited hotel access needs, including rooms, certain facilities, and parking areas

Visionline RFID encoder firmware version and later

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Security advisories

More security information on UL EV1 see identifier AAGS-HOSP-SA-2023-001 here 

Recommended for increased security: MIFAREPlus EV1

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This product can only be ordered in batches of 200.


RFID Keycard MIFARE UL EV1 128b standard print

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